Medical Transcription

medical transcriptionOur medical transcription service is for medical and dental specialists who need to report to various experts by providing correspondence.

We have 15 years’ experience working with clinical documentation and health professionals. We understand their need for the highest level of accuracy in transcriptions pertaining to patient treatment.

How does medical transcription work?

We recommend that our medical specialist clients work with a smartphone app. This allows you to dictate your letter while you’re with the patient. The audio file can be emailed directly to our office for processing. The functionality of these apps enables you to keep track of what has been recorded and sent, and audio files are retained on the device unless they are manually deleted.

We support the Olympus smartphone app, which can be connected directly into our system for ease of file transfer.

We recommend a same day or next day turnaround for medical transcription, though we can always prioritise urgent work if required.

We are also able to transfer the completed work directly into your patient management system.

We work in complete confidentiality – we take your information and data seriously, and have measures in place to keep your private details safe and secure.

What are the benefits to you?

Using our medical transcription service is an efficient way of keeping all medical professionals in the loop quickly and efficiently, especially when a patient’s health is at risk.

Our service can save you time and money:

  • Often a specialist’s admin team does not have the ability or time to deal efficiently with medical transcription work. The admin team are typically busy dealing with paperwork behind the scenes for the patient and managing appointment changes.
  • Not every patient needs correspondence processed. Therefore, being able to call on us when we’re needed is an efficient use of resources.