General Business Dictation and Typing Services

Our business dictation and typing services benefit clients in a range of industries, including legal, medical, valuation, insurance, education, marketing, and accounting.

Dictate your thoughts, don’t type them!

Doing your own keyboarding takes up time you could be spending working on your business, or spending quality time with your family. It really does mount up – writing and sending 10 emails a day might take as much as two hours off your day.

business dictation and typing

You speak seven times faster than typing, so we recommend that you dictate your correspondence and thoughts into a smartphone or digital dictaphone, rather than type it all yourself or strain admin resources that could be better used on in-house support that cannot be outsourced.

Using smartphone apps is extremely efficient. We support the Olympus smartphone app which can be set up to send a recording directly to our office. Plus, our team of professionals can transcribe and type much faster than you can!

“I have been working with Streamline Dictation for 15 years both for French and English transcription. For me Streamline Dictation Services team plus their motto of ‘confidential legal typing while you sleep’ is super plus the ability to be able to do emergency work when required. Who else can deliver to you Monday morning Belgian time a long dictation sent over the weekend?”

Lawyer, Belgium

What services do we provide?

  • Transcribing audio dictated personally, and from recordings of meetings, roundtables, and events.
  • General typing, proofing, and editing of business correspondence, documents, reports, papers, and academic articles. We can work with scanned documents (e.g. handwritten notes) that are sent to us.
  • Formatting your documents so they integrate effectively with your business information flow.
  • Business dictation – transcribing in English or French.
  • We transcribe podcasts and video for creatives and digital marketers. Email us a link to your podcast or video when you contact us, and we’ll supply optimised text for uploading.


For example, we transcribe audio from recordings of one-off meetings, or type up general correspondence and emails that are urgently required. Or you might have a draft document that you need edited and copied, or documents that you need put into a template that will be used for research.

Our versatile team has wide knowledge and experience to draw upon to complete your work professionally, accurately, and confidentially.

Let us take care of your business dictation and keyboarding needs, and save your business time and money. You’re the expert in your field; we are the experts in delivering quality documents at speed!

“Using Streamline Dictation Services has taken a lot of weight off us when under pressure to prepare value adding assessment reports. It did not take me long to become familiar with dictating, and now it is far easier and better than typing it myself ever was. I can jot down key points, then literally – just speak the report out loud, bit by bit using the pause button, email it and voila – it comes back as a high quality draft in my own template! Julie and the team are highly confidential, and I’m still amazed at how they turn my ‘umms’, ‘ahs’, verbal corrections and long pauses into something that looks and reads very well! Highly recommended.”

Business Assessor, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

We can save your business money

Let’s say your charge out rate is $150 an hour and you dedicate just 30 minutes a day to typing your own documentation instead of revenue-generating appointments. Across a five-day working week and a working year of 48 weeks this is costing you $18,000 per annum in billable time. For a fraction of that cost we can help leverage your time so you have more of it to do the things that add value to you and your business.

“Thank you for all your efficiency, accuracy and unfailing support of us in the Asset Planning team this year! Having joined my firm this year (with ghastly typing skills) you have particularly helped me. Deciphering of my tapes and returning the letters to me in such a polished form has really helped me to meet my targets and fit into my new role.”

Chartered Accountant, Auckland