Professional Audio Transcription Specialists

Streamline Dictation Services has been providing professional audio transcription and dictation services since 2003.

Large quantities of information and paperwork are generated by businesses every day. Taking notes and managing all this material can strain precious resources.

On the other hand, dictating your work is highly efficient – people talk seven times faster than they type! Save time, money and stress – record your work into a device that captures digital audio, send the file to us, and we’ll return properly formatted transcripts to you, when and how you need them.

Because we work with digital files we can assist you regardless of your location. As we are based in New Zealand, our international clients can take advantage of the time zone – we work while you sleep!

“Streamline Dictation has delivered a consistently responsive and accurate transcription service for my business for the last 4 years at very competitive rates. Living in the UK the turnaround for me is amazing (overnight) because of the time zone differences. The epitome of personal service, at its best.”

Dental Surgeon, London, UK

Why choose us for professional audio transcription?

We’re accurate, quick, and understand your needs.

Automated speech-to-text systems can’t produce audio transcripts with complete accuracy, and they can’t understand your business as well as we do. Our professional transcribers are more than speed typists – we produce highly accurate, formatted documents, fit for your purpose.

We understand the lingo or terminology in your industry. 

Due to the calibre of our in-house transcription team, we can draw on broad expertise to ensure that technical language is efficiently transferred from audio into your document.

We can help you win time back.

Instead of getting behind with your paperwork, or hiring extra resources to help you cope, concentrate on important projects and running your business. Our transcription and dictation services can help lift your productivity.

We’re professional in our approach.

This means we place great emphasis on providing exactly what you need, when you need it, and in the format you require. We raise the bar on documentation through precise punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.

We communicate consistently.

Our clients appreciate the consistency of our communication in building rapport, so we are all on the same page. Essentially, we view ourselves as an extension of your office or team, providing you with professional resources, and delivering a quality product.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of Streamline Dictation to any other professional … The level of service I have received has been exceptional and I believe it is a far better and more cost-effective use of one’s time than using the voice-activated programme.”

Richard Upton, Barrister, Auckland

Industries we frequently work with

Discover more about the solutions we provide for medical and dental specialists, law firms, general business, and for interview situations.

Why choose us for professional audio transcription?

Competitive pricing

We charge by the hour it takes us to transcribe, rather than by the minutes of audio time you send in. This gives you value for money as you’re not paying for gaps in your audio file. We also provide monthly package deals for clients who use our audio transcription services on a regular basis.

Security & confidentiality

The confidentiality and security of your files is assured. We do not outsource your work to freelancers. Our professional in-house transcribers work as a team in a secure IT environment, and have all signed a confidentiality agreement. We are also fully insured as a business.

Flexible options

We provide a range of options to meet your audio transcription requirements. These include for billing, formatting, turnaround time, whether you want us to work directly into your document management system, and whether you need verbatim accuracy or a more relaxed transcription.