Interview Transcription Services

Would it change your business if you could spend more time doing income producing, client-facing and business growth activities instead of having to manage the day to day workflow of interview transcription projects and tasks?

Win Back One Full Work Day a Week*


That is our aim and here’s why.

Over the last 15 years we have found the transcription industry is filled with “dime a dozen” interview and project transcriptionists – competing on price, turnaround time and being all things to all businesses.  What we have found is this…  There are only a few transcription services that can truly give you specialised results – helping you to win time back.

Chances are you may have already wasted valuable time, money and energy trying to find the perfect transcription solution to support your unique interview project needs.

We hear consistently that companies like yours, have difficulty finding high quality transcription solutions that offer the level of accuracy, turnaround and “value for money” required in order to help win your time back.

This is our specialty.

Streamline Dictation Services specialises in end-to-end audio dictation management and delivery for legal, construction, medical, insurance, research and development (to name a few).

Here are the top five reasons why companies have chosen us in the past and continue to choose us.

Not all dictation services:

  • Accurately transcribe conversational style or verbatim recordings;
  • Specialises in industries, like yours, which include context of the recording (i.e. the ums and ahs) are pertinent.  In a more casual environment you may like the ums and ahs removed so there is sequential flow to the conversation and therefore to the readers’ understanding or comprehension.
  • Understand the lingo or terminology in your industry.  Due to the calibre of our transcription team we are able to draw from many areas of expertise to ensure terminology language is efficiently transferred from audio into a document that fits your needs.
  • Appreciate the value of properly formatted documents.  We understand the outcome you are looking for needs to hold the character and the value of the conversation.  We place a great emphasis and importance upon the accurate formatting of your document so it conveys the integrity in which it was recorded.

      Here is an example of excellent formatting:

  • Understand the power of open communication. We believe communication is king! We have heard consistently over the years from clients who have engaged other service providers how much they have appreciated the consistency of our communication in the building of rapport. Essentially we are working as an outsourced team for you and communicate with you regularly so we are all on the same page.


If you want to streamline your interview dictation projects and tasks,
and free up one business day per week*




Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our interview work:

“Julie and the team at Streamline Dictation are always so helpful and professional to deal with. We often have urgent transcriptions of meetings which have complicated legal issues and jargon and they always turn these around within our deadlines and we can completely rely on their confidentiality. They are an integral extension to the services we can offer to our clients and an extremely useful resource when we are under pressure. We highly recommend them.”  SBM Legal 




“Rate of communication / rapport out of 10 — 12, 15, 25!  This was important.  And suggestion of having a schedule of the files sent and received was great to help keep control of the process. It was good having all the introductions at the beginning and the consent statements as it showed how we built rapport and went through the process with integrity. It was a pleasure dealing with your team, it was good experience and was smooth/a dream.”  Industry Specific Research Company


With Streamline it’s simple! You dictate anytime, anywhere, we take care of the rest.


  1. Dictate your work into a digital Dictaphone or Smartphone creating a sound file.
  2. Send your sound file by email to for transcribing.
  3. We transcribe your work, in your timeframe and style; and return the document/s to you in Word format via email.

We support most digital formats and Apps. Our common formats are DS2, DSS, MP3, WMA and WAV. We also provide support services for scanned documents.

Turnaround options

  • Urgent
  • Same Day
  • Next Day
  • Other

Your work is returned to you formatted to your business’ specifications, we’ll even create templates for you if required to ensure that you save time. 

Please simply contact us to discuss your particular needs.