Transcription Services

With Streamline it’s simple! You dictate anytime, anywhere, we take care of the rest.


  1. Dictate your work into a digital Dictaphone or Smartphone creating a sound file.
  2. Send your sound file by email to for transcribing.
  3. We transcribe your work, in your timeframe and style; and return the document/s to you in Word format via email.

We support most digital formats and Apps. Our common formats are DS2, DSS, MP3, WMA and WAV. We also provide support services for scanned documents.

Turnaround options

  • Urgent
  • Same Day
  • Next Day
  • Other

Your work is returned to you formatted to your business’ specifications, we’ll even create templates for you if required to ensure that you save time. 

Please simply contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Cost savings for your business

Not only can you free up your existing staff so they can concentrate on more income producing / value added work by using our transcription services for your needs, we will save your business costs associated with:

Extra office related overheads (ie; equipment and leasing office space).
Hiring additional staff / Administration Managers.
Staff Training.
Holiday / Sick / Bereavement Pay / Superannuation.
Redundancy Pay / Maternity Leave.
Taxes i.e. PAYE, ACC Levies, National Insurance etc.


You have two options for billing

You only pay for what you use

The unique software designed specifically for our needs allows us to electronically track the time we work on a document so you pay only for what you use

  • Our services are invoiced on an “hourly” basis
  • You can control the workflow to suit your budget
  • You are charged in your own currency
  • We can customise your account to suit your needs


We can negotiate packages to manage your monthly costs and budgets


Superior service is our standard!

  • We only employ trained touch typists capable of 70-100 words per minute
  • We utilise sophisticated software for management of workflow and recording of time
  • Our document management systems are secure and flexible
  • Our team are working for you as an extension to your office / business within our office
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed; our team sign Confidentiality Agreements
  • There is focused attention on your work
  • You can choose priority options
  • We offer a free 10 minute recording trial of our service


We can help you decide on the best equipment to suit your needs.

We support Olympus products; both their hardware and their Smartphone App. Olympus Dictation

The App works on either iPhone or Android and is a great option for those of us on the run. They are versatile, quick and easy to set up, and produce high quality sound.