Here’s what our clients are saying…

Lawyer – Belgium

“I have been working with Streamline Dictation for 12 years both for French and English transcription. For me Streamline Dictation Services team plus their motto of “confidential legal typing while you sleep” is super plus the ability to be able to do emergency work when required. Who else can deliver to you Monday morning Belgian time a long dictation sent over the weekend?”

Pain Specialist – Australia

“I have been using Streamline Dictation Services since 2005. This enabled me to have high quality typists available from the outset, when my business only generated a few hours of typing per week. The workload has now increased and although I could employ a typist, I continue to utilise Streamline. I do not have to worry about managing variable typing demands, staff leave or sickness. I can get urgent reports back within a couple of hours, with routine work available by the next business day. I have no hesitation in recommending Streamline Dictation Services.”

Chartered Accountant – Auckland, New Zealand

“Thank you for all your efficiency, accuracy and unfailing support of us in the Asset Planning team this year! Having joined my firm this year (with ghastly typing skills) you have particularly helped me. Deciphering of my tapes and returning the letters to me in such a polished form has really helped me to meet my targets and fit into my new role.”


Lawyer – Christchurch, New Zealand

“I write to confirm that for a number of years now my firm has used the excellent typing services of Streamline Dictation Services. The work that I send to Streamline typically involves letters to clients, file notes, legal submissions in support of appeals and other documents relevant to my immigration law practice.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring Streamline Dictation Services to any lawyer or law firm needing this type of service. The work that I receive back from Streamline is always timely and of excellent quality. Typically there are no corrections or editing that need to be made when the work is sent back to us.  Streamline is always able to deliver my work back within a period of no more than six hours and if I have urgent work they are willing to prioritise it whenever possible.

Streamline’s fees are also competitively priced…”

Lawyer – London, UK

“Streamline Dictation is a practical, convenient and cost effective service for our business. We are very pleased with the high levels of support and reliability which it provides. Working with Streamline is a pleasure.”

Barrister – Auckland, New Zealand

“I am a self-employed Barrister in Auckland. Over the last few years I have attempted to have my dictation of documents undertaken by an online automated service. After some years of frustration with this I have reverted to using Streamline Dictation Services for my typing needs. I was aware of them from previous employment.

I have found this service to be far beyond any service that I could obtain from any automated platform. The accuracy that I have received through this system does not compare from what I was receiving through a voice activated programme. In turn, this has seen me create a dual efficiency, in that I am able to get documents back that are to a higher standard than they ever were before. That is then enabling me to finalise those documents more quickly. It is also enabling me to spend more time on more chargeable work, which I never considered editing documents to be.

I also have found using Streamline Dictation has not resulted in any of the impact on the speed on which I can turn documents around. When something is urgent I have found it has been completed to a high standard very promptly. Also because it is returned to me completed to a far higher standard it is easier for me to then complete and provide it to the client efficiently.

I have also found their costs to be very reasonable. They are also costs that are quickly recoverable as the work is completed more quickly and to a higher standard than through online systems.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of Streamline Dictation to any other professional in my circumstances. The level of service I have received has been exceptional and I believe it is a far better and more cost effective use of one’s time than using the voice activated programme.”

Recruitment Specialists – New Zealand

We’ve been using Streamline Dictation Service for 7 years.  They are fast, efficient and an integral part of our probity process and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Business Assessor – Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

“Using Streamline Dictation Services has taken a lot of weight off us when under pressure to prepare value adding assessment reports. It did not take me long to become familiar with dictating, and now it is far easier and better than typing it myself ever was. I can jot down key points, then literally – just speak the report out loud, bit by bit using the pause button, email it and voila – it comes back as a high quality draft in my own template! Julie and the team are highly confidential, and I’m still amazed at how they turn my ‘umms’, ‘ahs’, verbal corrections and long pauses into something that looks and reads very well! Highly recommended.”

Insurance Assessor – Wellington, New Zealand

“I used Julie Wintle and Streamline Services for several years and have had great rapport with Julie. Julie assisted in:

  • Setting out easy to use formats we supplied for all types of work.
  • Formats were also returned to our office for our staff to use as and where needed.
  • Reports recorded for typing were sent via the internet and returned on dates specified and where needed the same day.
  • Julie also typed letters of all types including loss schedules in excel documents supplied by our office.
  • Wording they were unsure of, they highlighted the words and requested feedback to enable staff recognition for future use.
  • I found her service to be very accommodating and the quality very good.

Dental Surgeon, London, UK

Streamline Dictation has delivered a consistently responsive and accurate transcription service for my business for the last 4 years at very competitive rates. Living in the UK the turnaround for me is amazing (overnight) because of the time zone differences. The epitome of personal service, at its best.”