Frequently Asked Questions

Quality business dictation worldwide

Streamline Dictation Services offer personalised, trustworthy, reliable and seamless transcription services. Because we work with digital files we can assist you no matter your location. We are based in New Zealand so our International clients can take advantage of the time zone – we work while you sleep!

How does it work?

Sound files are sent to us either via the email or Dropbox. Some clients do send in USB Flash drives for media sensitive content. Generally clients send them directly via email. We type them up in the client’s styles / formats and send them back.

File types we support

We are able to work with most digital formats and Apps. Our common formats are DS2, DSS, MP3, WMA and WAV. We support Olympus products; both their hardware and their Smartphone App. The App works on either iPhone or Android and is a great option for those of us on the run. They are versatile, quick and easy to set up, and produce high quality sound.

What is the turnaround time?

We work with our clients to negotiate the best turnaround time for them. Generally speaking, work which is received before 12pm we are able to return by the end of the day. Work received after 12pm will generally be returned by 12pm the following day. This will depend on the length of the recording and the arrangements that have been made with the client at the time of introduction.

How long does it take to transcribe?

Rule of thumb is, for good, clear, quality tape with one author, we expect this to take 3 to 3.5 times the length of the tape to type, format, and check. For example, a 10 minute tape of clear recording with one author you can expect to take 30 to 40 minutes to type.

What is the cost?

At Streamline Dictation Services we have two ways of working together. The first option is to pay for what you use, hourly rate. The second option is for us to put together a package deal where you pay a set amount ever month regardless what you use.

For the clients that require occasional services our “pay for what you use” is a really good way to go.

For those of you that require a regular service every day or every week, we can put a package together. This is designed to help you budget so you know exactly what your costs will be for the year to enable you to put this into your budgeting plan.

Why don’t you charge by audio minute?

We made a conscious decision that our authors of good recordings would not have to pay for the “not so good recordings” hence the charging by the typing hour. There are a lot of things that can increase the cost of a job, for example, background noise, as it adds to the cost of production.

To find out more about our rates and get a free trial just email us– we look forward to discussing your requirements!

How secure is my work?

Our team all work in our office which means that your work is always completed in a secure environment. Additionally each typist is carefully vetted and completes a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing with us.