About Us

What we do

Simply we take your thoughts and transform them into documents

At Streamline Dictation Services we

  • Understand your business needs, working as part of your team and an extension of your office.
  • Treat your work in strict confidence and all our typists work within our office.
  • Provide flexible, consistent and cost effective service to clients worldwide.
  • Allow you to select one of our typing specialists to carry out your work.
  • Provide the option of transcription in either English or French.
  • Follow your formats, templates and styles or help enhance document formats as required.

Streamline Dictation is based in New Zealand which means our International clients can take advantage of the time zone – we work while you sleep!

Our service speaks louder than words so please feel free to visit our client testimonials.

Who we are

Julie Wintle

Julie is the founder of Streamline Dictation Services. She has an enormous amount of legal experience
(35+ years) having worked in secretarial, office management and legal executive roles. From successful careers in both New Zealand and London, Julie understands the demands of business, bringing drive, motivation and enthusiasm to all her projects. With a solutions based approach, Julie is a natural problem solver.

Vickie McGoverin

Vickie brings with her a broad range of experience from IT, building industries and valuation. She has been on the team for many years and is a whiz at typing, grammar and loves learning about new words. One of the things Vickie enjoys most about the role is the variation of work and the challenge of producing the best result for the client.

Becky Deacon

Becky is our legal expert who provides consistent and fabulous quality work for clients. She has two children and assists her partner in business.

Angela Galland

Angela’s background is in the printing business. She is driven to deliver a high quality service for our clients. Angela enjoys the variety of work, but has a particular interest in medical transcription and has a passion for learning new words. In her spare time she relaxes by riding horses and reading.


At the time of starting Streamline Dictation Services in 2003 we made a conscious decision to engage our typists to work within our office. This creates continuity, greater quality control, continued learning amongst ourselves (by the sharing of strengths and knowledge), flexibility, consistency, great communication, protection of intellectual property, confidentiality and production flow.

Contact us to discuss how we can save you time and money on administrative costs with our professional dictation services.